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Flexiway is the latest way to get your ideal equipment today. It allows you to have the lifestyle you want with manageable fixed monthly payments. There’s no deposit, just easy monthly rental payments – meaning you can get the fitness equipment you really want to set up your perfect home gym. There are also added tax benefits of this if you are in the fitness business. All you repayments should be deductible as opposed to having to depreciate the equipment (please verify with your accountant).With Flexiway you can include all your equipment, accessories, – even servicing. The minimum value of a Flexiway agreement is $1000.And with Flexiway’s great end of term options you can upgrade your equipment to keep pace with the latest technology!

Fast & easy – no deposit!

One phone call and its done! And all with no deposit upfront. A typical Flexiway Agreement takes 10 minutes to complete, so you can order your new equipment today & have it delivered to your door!

Low monthly payments

Enjoy monthly payments that are amongst the lowest on the market. Flexiway gives you the option of a two, three, four or five year term, so you can choose the term that suits your budget.

More choices – you decide! 
Take control of your finances and choose the end of term option that you prefer. Within the last six months of the end of your agreement, a Flexirent representative will endeavor to contact you to advise you of the your options:
With Flexiswap you can upgrade your equipment within the last six months of your agreement. Simply return the goods and take out a new agreement for new equipment equal to or of higher value to the original cost. Flexirent will waive all remaining payments under the old agreement without any charge or penalty.
Flexikeep allows you to “keep” the goods after the agreed term. Once you complete the full term all you have to do is make one more monthly payment, and the goods are yours to “keep”.
Flexirent Capital Pty Ltd will continue to own the goods, however you are able to sell the goods as our agent, to anyone other than yourself, for any price you see fit. Notify and advise us that you have sold the goods and pay us $1 and you get to “keep” the rest of the proceeds for yourself!.

Make Flexiway an offer!

If you would like to buy the goods you may do so at the end of your agreement, or at any time during your term. Give us a call and make us an offer.

Return the goods
If you would like to return the goods because you no longer require them, then you can do so at the end of your agreement. Give one of our representatives a call and we will arrange for the goods to be returned.Order it today! Eligibility critera, fees, charges, terms and conditions apply. Subject to credit approval.


TO APPLY, CALL 03 9462 3943 OR VISIT US AT 9-11 Hillwin St Reservoir.