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About Us

Little Bloke Fitness is one of the leading gym equipment suppliers in Australia and we have helped hundreds of people and organisations achieve their dreams of setting up their perfect gym. Our goal is to help people and organisations on their journey to better fitness and health by getting access to the right equipment. No matter how big or small your gym goals are, Little Bloke Fitness can help you.


Do you dream about having your own personal gym studio? Or do you have a gym, but you want to expand your range of equipment? Little Bloke Fitness can help you build your own customised gym that will allow you to achieve your fitness goals. Check out our range of dumbbells, barbells, multi-function stations, benches, cardio equipment and more.


Do you have an idea about what you want in your dream gym, but you are struggling to find a supplier that can provide you with a customized gym fit out? Then get in touch with the guys from Little Bloke Fitness. Whether your dream gym is big or small, we can supply you with the right equipment to turn your gym ideas into reality. Get in touch with Little Bloke Fitness today.

Commercial Gym Equipment

Do you own or manage a gym? Would you like to upgrade your gym with new equipment? Then check out the range of commercial gym exercise equipment from Little Bloke Fitness. Whether you have a personal studio, hotel or apartment gym or a commercial gymnasium, we can provide functional training equipment from gym hobbyists to professional athletes.

Power Lifting Equipment

Do you need power-lifting equipment to achieve your strength and bulking goals? In order to lift heavy weights safely until failure or to prevent injuries, the power rack is one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment to invest in. Power racks are the perfect piece of equipment for doing exercises such as squats or bench press exercise with or without the need of a spotter.