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Dumbbell compound movements to sculpt a killer body in 3 months

When summer is around the corner, everyone wants to workout and get a killer body. For men, it is about getting size and definition. You can go to the gym and use machines, however compound exercise movements with free weights will allow you to build a more aesthetic-looking body in a quick amount of time.  Here are some compound exercises that you can do with dumbbells to sculpt a killer in as little as 3 months.



There are a few variations of this exercise that you can do to build strength and size in your biceps.

Standing bicep curl.

Stand with dumbbells in both hands and then curl the dumbbells until your muscle contracts. It is important that tension is kept on the muscle at all times. When bringing the weight down, keep the tension on the muscle. This will incorporate your tricep muscle as well.

Hammer curls.

Similar to the standing bicep curl, you will curl the dumbbell across the body to your opposite shoulder. This movement will incorporate another area of the bicep, which should make the muscle grow and appear thicker.



Overhead tricep extension

Take one dumbbell and raise it over your head. Drop the weight down until your elbow is pointing upwards. From there, extend your arm upwards with the weight. Ensure that you have enough resistance to maintain tension on the muscle for 6 to 10 repetitions. Do 3 to 5 sets of these exercises.…


3 amazing body transformations – Tales of skinny guys transforming into a gladiator gods!

One of the most frustrating things for skinny guys that work out at the gym is that they put in the hard yards to bulk up, but they are still seen as being too skinny. Or even worse, they build no muscle at all. For many guys, it seems like there is no hope. However, there are several stories of skinny guys that invested in themselves and remained committed to achieving their physical goals. Their transformations are nothing short of amazing and they now radiate confidence and boldness, attracting the who’s who in their social circles and getting adulation from their peers. If you are a skinny guy that wants to bulk up, check out these transformation videos of these guys that built the perfect physique from a skinny frame.

Zach Zeiler

Zach was a skinny young man who was diagnosed with cancer at a young age. Rather than succumb to a tragic fate, he battled through chemotherapy to beat the cancer and channelled his energy into building muscle. After a couple of years, he transformed himself from a skinny, sick cancer patient to a shredded, muscular beast.

Jordan Federici

Jordan Federici was a skinny young 17 year old that only weighed 59kg by the time he finished school. He decided to bulk up with heavy weights training by doing power exercises such as bench press, squats, curls and tricep extensions. Within two years, his muscle mass had increased substantially to around 85 kg and his aesthetic look was immaculate.…

Choosing the right treadmill

Treadmills are a great option for general home fitness or for the serious runner who wants the extra flexibility of all-weather running. There is so much variation in how you can use a treadmill. Think of it this way – almost anything you can do on a street run or walk, you can also do on a treadmill. Hills, tempo, intervals, long distance – any time, in all weather.

But buying the wrong treadmill can be demotivating, with your treadmill (and fitness goals) ending up in the corner gathering dust. Our guide below will step you through all the things you need to consider when purchasing a treadmill.

If at the end you’re still not clear, give us a ring or come into store for a chat.

How much should I pay for a treadmill?

This depends on what you are using it for, and how often, as well as what extra functions you want.

Entry level models (less than $1000) – suitable for walking only, limited functions. We carry a very small range of these treadmills. Basic models ($1000 to $1500) – suitable for jogging and light running. Includes features like auto incline. Intermediate models ($1500 to $3000) – suitable for more serious running. Good quality, powerful motors with suspension running decks and extra workout options. Usually the best value option for regular use and durability. Advanced/semi-commercial to commercial models ($3000+) – a long-term investment, these models have larger running decks, stronger frames and more powerful motors that can take the extra punishment of long distance or frequent use.…

obstacle course

How To Train For: An Obstacle Course

These days, endurance races and obstacle races are all the rage for fitness freaks – not only do they break up the monotony of your standard triathlon or 10K race by throwing in some fun endurance challenges but they give you a chance to prove your strength as well as your stamina, balance and even your intellectual ability to strategize. Below we provide a few tips on how to train for an obstacle course…

kettlebell workout

4 Kettlebell Workouts For Supreme Conditioning

As we’ve discussed previously, kettlebells aren’t anything new but they’re having a mass resurgence in gyms all over the globe and the reasons for this are pretty obvious – they are the single most effective training tool for developing strength, conditioning, and grip.

Give these four kettlebell workouts a go and you’ll be fighting fit in no time:…


Can You Eat Like The World’s Strongest Man?

Do you think you could eat 11 meals a day? As you know, nutrition is a key component to living a healthy lifestyle and stands as equal with the exercises you do when it comes to getting lean and putting on muscle mass. But when it comes to training for the World’s Strongest Man, the herculean tasks also require a herculean appetite.…

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