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Perfect Physique Workout

Do you have what it takes to get your perfect physique?

Look in the mirror and tell yourself what you see. Do you see the reflection of the image of yourself that you desire or do you find that you are in the shell of a body that you don’t want to be in. If you find that your answer is the latter, you need to make a change that will allow you to feel comfortable in your own skin. This will allow you to radiate with confidence and generally live a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Getting your perfect physique doesn’t come without any work. There are fads and advertisements that will tell you that you can take supplements and achieve the perfect body of your dreams while you sleep. As much as we would love for that to happen, things just don’t work that way. You need to dedicate yourself to a fitness program that compliments your lifestyle. Here’s a few things that you can do.

Focus on toning up your legs, arms and glutes.

Lifting resistance weights will get your muscles toned as well as help you burn body fat. This is true especially when doing free weight exercises such as deadlifts, squats and power cleans, which work on several muscle groups at the same time. You will also find that as you improve your strength through the repetitive movements, your posture will improve and you will radiate a sense of confidence and boldness.

Make cardio a regular part of your lifestyle.

Sled training

Incorporate sled training to build an aesthetically appealing body

We’ve previously spoken about the benefits of doing power exercises on the blog and how it can help develop strength, speed and your overall aesthetic appearance. We mainly covered the training through plyometric exercises, however you can also incorporate ‘sled training’ to develop the muscles in your lower body, as well as improve the overall intensity of your workout. There are a few key benefits to sled training. These include:…

Home Gym

Get superior results from your training with a customised home gym.

It’s all good working out at your local gym. It’s likely that they have the equipment and training atmosphere that you desire. For some people, it is all that they need and spending the $400-1000 a year on gym membership is justified. However, if you have your own large space in your home or on your property, that money would be better spent on a home gym. It’s not just the cost savings that you can benefit from. You can actually get superior results from your training. Here’s a few factors to consider. …

Bodyweight exercises

Lacking gym equipment? Use your body’s weight to build the ultimate physique!

Sometimes people are too busy to go to the gym and they find themselves either being stuck in their workplace or stuck at home, but they want to go to the gym and achieve their fitness goals. It’s frustrating and people are quick to associate not going to the gym with not having the opportunity to exercise. That’s not true. As long as you can move your muscles, there’s always exercises that you can do to train your muscles. Doing something is better than doing nothing. So if you ever find yourself wanting to exercise, but lack equipment, here are a few workout exercises that you can do.…

Lean bodybuilder

Should you get lean or should you lose weight?

Do you know the difference between losing weight and getting lean? And do you know which approach you would like to take? It’s a common misconception in fitness. People automatically assume that losing weight will equate to them getting a nice physique. In some cases this is true, but more often than not, what they actually mean is that they want to get lean and have a body that is aesthetically pleasing. …

Gym training technique

Are you strict enough with your training technique?

There are a few reasons why you want to use proper technique when you are training. The first is to ensure that you use the correct technique to achieve your exercise and fitness goals. Implementing the right technique will make your workouts more efficient and you will achieve superior results. It will also minimise the risk of you sustaining any injury from your workouts.…

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