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Exercise power bands

Have you considered using power bands in your workout?

The instant association that most people have with bodybuilding is that they need to have heavy resistance weights to do their exercises. The fact is the muscle needs to have enough resistance to break down the muscle. This can be accomplished with bodyweight, heavy resistance weights and also power bands.

Power bands tend to be underutilised in and outside of the gym. This is because many people don’t really know how to use them effectively to workout their body properly. In this post, we’ll share some power band exercises that you can do to help build and sculpt muscle.


Wrap the resistance band around the pole and pull the band away from the bar. You want to contract your core (in particular, your obliques).

Assisted pullups

Tie the band around the top end of a pole and then place one foot inside the band. You will use this to take off some of the weight when doing pullup and chin-up exercises.

Lateral shoulder raises

Bend over with the band in front of your chest and stretch the band out as wide as you can. This movement should work out your deltoids (shoulders).

Band push press

Stand with the bands underneath your feet and pull the band upwards so that it sits upwards on your wrist around your chest. Push the band up as if you are doing a push press with the barbell. Ensure that you extend the movement to the point where you can feel a contraction.…

Bodybuilding protection

Essential protection gear for the gym.

There’s nothing worse than suffering as a result of your workout. It might render you physically incapable to do anything or it might be cosmetic and affect your confidence. Whatever the case may be, you don’t want these to affect your workout goals and ambitions.

Protective gear is essential. Your body can only take so much weight and intensity when doing exercises. You don’t want to continually make progress only to have your body be affected.

Little Bloke Fitness offers protective gear for gym-goers. Here are a few items that should be used when working out.

Weight training gloves.

When you’re training with resistance weights, it’s common for the bars or dumbbells to rub against your skin. This can turn the skin hard and also cause peeling on your hands. It can be a bit difficult to get rid of, but it is also noticeable whenever someone clasps your hand.

For men, it might not be so much of an issue. But for women, it may affect their confidence knowing that their hands won’t feel soft and feminine.

Investing in protective gym gloves helps to prevent this. The gloves are available from $19.95, which is actually worth the investment. Should the hard skin need to be removed, you will need to see a manicurist which will set you back at least $30.

Weightlifting belt.

It’s important to develop your core to handle the weight when you are completing exercises with heavy weights.…

Skipping exercises

Skipping exercises that will boost your overall athleticism.

The world’s top athletes that rely on explosive power do skipping exercises regularly. Look at some of the world’s best boxers, MMA fighters or track and field athletes and you will find that skipping is a part of their regular exercise routine. Skipping isn’t an exercise for the faint-hearted. When done well, it is a high-intensity exercise that can burn calories and improve muscle power, allowing you to jump higher, further and to run faster.

It’s one of the best exercises to improve your overall athleticism. Here’s a few skipping workouts that you should include in your exercise routine.

What you will need?

You will need to invest in a speed skipping rope. This will allow you to do quicker skips and will also force your body to do more explosive jumping repetitions. You can find these skipping ropes in the LBF store.

Single skips

This simple movement will trigger explosive development in your muscles. It will also train your body’s mechanics to have a quick reaction time off the ground, forcing your muscles to focus on explosive power. Aim to complete up to 100 repetitions in a single set. Ideally, work towards doing three sets.

Double skips

One of the most effective exercises for developing explosiveness, you will be aiming to complete double-under skips for a series of repetitions. The more that you can do, the better. However, the aim of the exercise is to explode upwards as much as possible so that your body has a quick reaction time off the ground.…

Medicine ball workout

Train your abdominals with these medicine ball workouts

Anybody who is involved in fitness wants to build glorious abs. Situps and leg raises are the standard, but there are more workouts that can be done with the use of medicine balls. The great thing about medicine balls is that they add enough resistance to allow you to do more explosive exercises.

Here are a few ways medicine balls can be included in your abdominal workout routine.


Situps and crunches are great for developing your upper abdominals, although it can be a bit difficult to add resistance weight to the exercise. With medicine balls, you can easily hold the ball on your chest while doing the movement, adding that extra bit of resistance that will help to strengthen and develop your muscles.

Leg and knee raises

A great exercise for developing your lower abdominals, but it does become difficult to do the exercises with resistance weights. By using a medicine ball, you can easily control the resistance by holding the medicine ball between your feet. Additionally, it won’t affect your range of motion.
You can see a good example in this video here.

Oblique workout

You can easily do the equivalent of the wood chopper exercise by throwing the ball along the wall like throwing a rugby pass. This will work out your obliques and should add more definition.

Another similar exercise is side to side obliques with the medicine ball. You can watch the video below for a good demonstration.…

Gym fitout

5 places where a gym fitout can make a real difference.

The thought of a gym fitout usually only triggers thoughts of a commercial gym or a personal training studio. But there are many more instances where a gym fitout can be beneficial. In this post, we share a few other locations that can benefit from a customised gym fitout.


Developing an office gym is a great way to improve your staff’s overall health and wellbeing, as well as their office productivity. People can balance their work and physical commitments and forge stronger relationships with their work colleagues.


A school gym is a great way to keep the students focused on their goals and to help them with their daily motivation. Focusing on learning things day in and day out, year after year can cause those students to lose motivation. By having a school gym, they can be motivated to attend school everyday and achieve their fitness goals with their peers.


If you have the space in your home, a home gym can be a very valuable investment. Many people that go to commercial gyms find it frustrating when they cannot access equipment or if they find too many distractions. It’s not uncommon for a 30 minute workout to take up to 2 hours because of these distractions and inaccessibility. Even though it might be cheaper to rent the access to the equipment, it costs you more in time and progress.

For the cost of a 5-10 year subscription, you can fit out your home with the essential gym equipment that will allow you to workout exactly the way you want to.…

Gym rings training

Train like a gymnast, look like a god!

Have you ever seen some of the gymnasts and wondered how they get such an incredible looking physique. They are flexible, powerful and move with grace. It’s almost like they have the right mix of yin and yang in their makeup.

If you are trying to build a more powerful physique, but don’t want to be doing the same type of bodybuilding training everyday, you can consider doing workouts like a gymnast. There’s different pieces of equipment and movements that you can do, which will help with your muscular and power development. These include the following.

Gymnastic rings


Grab onto the gymnastic rings and force your body above the rings. You want to dip into the movement. This movement will be more difficult because you will be using other stabilizing muscles to control your weight during the movement.

Leg raise

Push your body above the rings and raise your legs so that they form a 90 degree angle compared to your body. Your goal is to hold the position for as long as you can. This will define your abdominals and increase your core strength.


Grab onto the rings and lean back into a fetal position and pull your body upwards. This will target your inner and wider back muscles.


Work out your biceps and your lateral muscles with your own body weight by grabbing the rings in a hanging position and pulling your body up as if you were to do a chin-up.…

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