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Should I get a mirror for my home gym?

So you can check your hair when lifting? NO!!!

But for checking your form – if you train by yourself this is a must. It’s so easy to get complacent with your form when you work out by yourself – particularly as your weights increase. Meh – I’ll just lean into this squat a little and it will be easier and suddenly your form is shite and your back hurts a lot!!!

If you get into the habit early of training in front of a mirror you can learn to be objective about your form. And you can maintain it as your weight increases.

Now big mirrors are not that cheap. If you’ve got the cash, go for a couple of big ones that will give you vision of yourself from more than one angle. Low on cash? Go to ikea and buy a handful of little ones and join them together.

Got no cash? Mobile phones have some pretty decent video cameras in them. Use your mobile phone camera to record your form and watch it back.

Remember though – this is for checking out your form – not yourself. Ok – maybe one pose is ok……..

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