MA1 Reverse Hyperextension


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The MA1 reverse hyper machine is designed to be widely utilized for physical therapy and back rehab exercises. The Reverse Hyper can also be used with light weights and incorporated into everyday training such as rehab, prehab to reduce lower back tightness and strengthen hamstrings, glutes, hips, and more.

The science behind MA1’s Reverse Hyper is that it decompresses the spine with no vertical compression at all.

This training device allows for dynamic strength development in the concentric phase, while serving as a rehabilitation mechanism in the eccentric phase.

The spine is gently stretched and depressurized during the phase, in essence an internal pumping mechanism, filling the spinal column with spinal fluid and the lower back muscles with blood.

The reverse hyperextension machine offers one of the best methods for achieving pressure relief and restore circulation to the affected area in order to rehabilitate injured athletes.