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Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz - EXTREME. Pair


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Fat Gripz work by adding thickness to your barbells, dumbbells, chin-up bars and cable attachments, which increases muscle activation and ultimately give you more strength and mass.

Fat Gripz EXTREME go one better than the orginal Fat Gripz by increasing their size from 5.6cm (that's 2.21 inches) in diameter to a massive 7cm (2.75 inches). No wonder they call the "mutant makers".

These grips instantly turn any bar into thick bars. That is why everyone from professional footballers to mixed martial arts fighters is using them.

Most Olympic bars are 1 inch thick. Slide on your Fat Gripz and all your bars will be more than twice as thick not just your barbell, but your dumbbells, pull-up bar and cable attachments too.