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Driver Sled (with harness)

SKU : CF-17-B

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It has all the functionality of both the Dog sled and the Prowler sled.  Driving rods and T-bar can be easily removed from the sled for each training styles.  The T-Bar has been modified for the natural profile of your wrist and it comes with interchangeable heavy-duty nylon feet.

  • Made from heavy duty 11-gauge welded steel with zero bolts on the frame
  • 2 x easy interchangeable and removable posts/poles + removable push T-bar allows for quick changes in direction without having to turn the sled around,  allows the user to push the sled from both a low and high elevation to maximise the sleds use
  • Flat bottom with 4 x replaceable nylon skid plates on the feet for a smooth pulling and pushing motion on all types of surfaces
  • 2 x bumper plate storage rods to load your sled right up
  • Multipoint attachments allow for an even load during pulling exercises
  • Great to attach an MTX unit to incorporate dragging and pulling exercises
  • Heavy duty H-Harness also included
Dimensions and weight:
  • 116cm long x 81cm wide
  • Approx. 40kg dead weight
  • Item is supplied flat pack - can be assembled in 2 minutes by only having to screw in the 2 x storage rods and then you are ready to go