Bumper Plate Trolley Hybrid

SKU : D540-RACK-V2

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The SMAI Bumper Plate Trolley Hybrid is the ultimate in weight plate storage. The rack has commercial grade wheels on the base that allow a free pivoting motion with a lockable option. Featuring adjustable dividers, the SMAI trolley can accommodate standard bumper plates along with the traditional Elite bumpers making it a functional storage solution. With other key features such as the storage of fractional plates or collars at the front as well as the addition of space for two barbells on the sides, the SMAI trolley is a perfect addition to any commercial space.


  • Material: High gauge steel coated in durable, texture powder coat
  • Adjustable spacing between storage dividers
  • Fractional plate storage at front (also suitable to store collars)
  • Side storage for two Olympic Barbells
  • Four wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Length: 125cm
  • Width: 52cm
  • Weight: 40kg (empty)