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The Bodyworx LXT200 Express Multi-Functional Trainer is a Functional Trainer, Smith Machine and Power Rack all in one!. A plate loaded system, it's compatible with both olympic and standard weight plates and virtually identical to the BodyWorx LXT300 (except it doesn’t come with weight stacks). The ultimate piece of gym equipment saving you money and space while not compromising in quality.


  • 3mm Steel used throughout the main frame structure.
  • High quality Metallic Powder coating.
  • Full Linear Bearing Smith System.
  • Sealed bearings in all Pulleys.
  • Multi-grip Chin-up Bars.
  • 6x Weight Storage Pegs at rear of machine.
  • 2x Barbell Storage Posts at rear of machine.
  • Accessories storage area at rear of Rack for the Functional Long Bar, AB Strap & Multi-use Handles (all included).
  • Torso Trainer attachment included.
  • Multi-grip Dip attachments included.
  • Includes 2x J Hooks & 2x Safety Spotter Barbell Rests.

Weight Capacities:

  • Smith System Capacity: 236 KG Rating (20 LBS)
  • Rack System Capacity: 236 KG Rating (520 LBS)
  • Chin-up Capacity: 118 KG (260 LBS)
  • Free Weight Plate Loading Capacity: 236 KG (520 LBS), 118 KG (260 LBS) each side
  • Net/Gross Weights: 258 KG / 568 KG


  • Gun Rack: 5mm Plate
  • Crate Dimensions: 220cm (L) x 75cm (W) x 50cm (H)
  • Assembled Dimensions: 155cm (L) x 196.6cm (W) x 237cm (H)