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360 Strength

9kg Wall Ball

SKU : 360S-WB9

  • Diameter: 14″ 
  • High quality heavy-duty PU outer
  • Rubber and PP cotton inner
  • Weight identification
  • Commercial grade

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Made for high-speed, high intensity training, the 360 Strength Wall Balls are a uniform size and quality to ensure you make consistent shots every time. Manufactured from high quality soft but durable PU leather and filled with rubber granules to ensure they stay in balance while absorbing maximum impact, they are great for cultivating speed and explosiveness.

The classic wall ball movement is a compound exercises that utilises the quads, glutes and core, to help you develop that explosive power, cardiorespiratory endurance and coordination - a full body workout. These wall balls are also great as an alternative for medicine balls when throwing back and forth with a partner or using as weight resistance. 

This price is for ONE (1) 9kg wall ball.


  • Diameter: 14″ Soft ball
  • High quality heavy-duty PU outer
  • Rubber and PP cotton inner
  • Embossed Weight identification
  • Commercial grade

Available in 3,6,9, 12kg

Note - these are not slam balls, and should not be repeatedly slammed on the ground. When using this ball on a rough wall surface or exposed edges the vinyl will wear out and can cause the seams to split. These balls are not meant to land on the ground from a height greater than 2.5 meters, if the ball drops on the ground it may burst and any warranty will be void.