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360 Strength

360 Strength Cable Pulley System - Upper+Lower


  • Compact Versatile Full Cable Pulley System
  • Upper and lower pulley
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Plate loaded - olympic plates
  • Optional handles
  • Rated to 120kg
  • 185cm cable length 

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The 360 Strength Cable Pulley System offers a Lat Pulldown / Tricep System that connects to anywhere you have a high beam, with a lower pulley system, ideal for low rows, leg work and more.

Cable exercises are not only great for adding variety to your training, they actually work! Whether it be accessory work, rehabilitation or just for some hypertrophy - there is a reason why some of the best trainers in the world still do them. Even if you don't have a power rack, you will still be able to rig something up - all you need is an overhead attachment point!

Pair with your existing cable attachments, or add to this system above. 

NOTE: This price is for the cable system only. Cable attachments must be purchased separately. In order for the system to work, it requires an upper mounting point / bean and a lower mounting point.


  • Compact Versatile Pulley System
  • Upper and Lower Pulleys
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Plate loaded - olympic plates
  • Suitable for all cable attachments - available separately
  • Rated to 120kg
  • Assembly required