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197kg strength training weight plate package

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If you’re looking at starting a strength training program, and you already have your olympic barbell, then this is the package for you.

Perfect for  Starting Strength, Stronglifts, Rippetoes, 5 X 5, 8 X 5 etc. All strength training programs.

The included black tri-grip rubber coated olympic weight plates are:

  • 8 by 20kg plates (160kg)
  • 2 by 10kg plates (20kg)
  • 2 by 5kg plates (10kg)
  • 2 by 2.5kg plates (5kg)- solid plates
  • 2 by 1.25kg plates (2.5kg) – solid plates

These black W8PL8 Olympic rubber coated weight plates have a 51mm diameter hole within a steel core ring, and are suitable for most Olympic barbells and dumbbells.

The EZ lift handle makes these plates easier to grasp and load, plus give the user the ability to use the plates on a bar, as well as in isolation for training – in the same way you would use a dumbbell or kettlebell (eg bicep curls, front lateral raises, swings etc).

So why go with our rubber coated plates? The rubber coating on the plates protects both the plate and your floor from accidental dropping. The handles make these plates EZ to lift, you can use them without a barbell in kettlebell type exercises and best of all – there’s no more clanging of metal plates together when you lift. And because they’re made from a higher quality virgin rubber, there should be little to no smell.


  • Designed for full commercial gym use
  • 51mm diameter hole so that they will fit all olympic bars.
  • Can be used with all olympic bars and plate loaded gyms and single station machines.
  • Each larger weight plate has triple grip handles (tri-grip plate) to allow for one handed pickup, loading and training
  • The rubber coating on the plates protects both the plate and your floor from accidental dropping or scratching the floor, as well as adding extra grip when handling for safety
  • Each plate is kilogram weighted with weight size embossed in the mould of the plate
  • Plates available in 1.25kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 25kg, with the following dimensions:


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