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Fractional Weight Plates (5kg set)


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The 360 Strength Fractional Weight Plates allow for precision loading, giving you the ability to overcome even the most frustrating halt in progress. They are also en excellent tool for rehabbing where micro progression is so important or for those new to training and wanting to continue to progress their training.

One of the many problems lifters face in their training is dealing with the jump in increments offered by bumper plates and change plates when trying to increase their PRs. Fractional plates combating this by allowing you to make gains in smaller increments, also known as micro-loading. If you’ve hit a plateau in your weight training, micro loading can help you continue your load progression program.

Pack includes:

  • Pair 0.25kg Fractional Plates
  • Pair 0.5kg Fractional Plates
  • Pair 0.75kg Fractional Plates
  • Pair 1kg Fractional Plates



  • Powder coated steel
  • Outer Diameter: 100mm
  • Inner Diameter: 51mm
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