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Premium Competition Bumper Plates SET 140kg

$1,210.00 $1,120.00

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Built for precision and highest durability, our premium competition bumper plates are the perfect choice for serious lifters. These plates are precision calibrated and are made from 100% natural rubber with large stainless steel insert for greater shock distribution and absorption. These are thinner than our economy plates, which means more weights can be loaded compared to traditional plates.

This price is for TWO green 10kg, TWO yellow 15kg, TWO blue 20kg and TWO red 25kg premium competition bumper plates.


  • 450mm plate diameter (IWF standard)
  • A collar opening of 50.40mm (IWF standard) so they’ll fit all regular Olympic weightlifting bars with the tightest tolerance possible to reduce movement and damage.
  • Traditional IWF colours for immediate identification of weights.
  • Exacting tolerances of +/- 10 grams per plate
  • Steel Disc insert, Chrome PlatedLow odour.
  • Virgin Rubber, proprietary rubber additives, steel and zinc.
  • Warranty : 3 Years*
The hardness of the material determines the amount of bounce that occurs when you drop the bar. A Shore Durometer has been used to test the hardness of the rubber with an average measurement of 95, whilst many rubbers used for bumper plates measure in at 78-88. The result is a minimal bounce and less time chasing your bar.
The 360 Strength premium competition bumper plates have been tested for up to 60,000 drops. The high Durometer score along with a gapless disc insert defines the bumpers resistance to fail including warping, discs moving & rubber cracking.
The bumpers are treated with a matt finish with bold, flat white lettering. A raised lip around the circumference of the bumper reduces scuffing of the lettering and the inner disk is chrome plated steel.
  • 10kg: 36mm (Green)
  • 15kg: 42mm (Yellow)
  • 20kg: 54mm (Blue)
  • 25kg: 67mm (Red)
  • Weightlifting clubs
  • CrossFit boxes
  • Functional Training gyms
  • Sporting clubs
  • Personal training studios
  • High performance training centres
  • Any users who demand premium quality


The 360 Strength bumper weight plates are covered by the following warranty provisions:

* 3 year replacement warranty

To be covered by this warranty, 360 Strength bumper plates must be used with a suitable Olympic barbell and high impact absorbing Olympic Lifting platform.

Maintenance is key for any piece of gym equipment. Regular maintenance will keep your equipment in prime condition and lasting a lifetime! Weight plates should be checked for moisture, wiped dry and cleaned whenever necessary. Chips, splitting or similar damage is typically a result of misuse or accidental misuse which is not covered under warranty. Outdoor usage or usage on an uneven or rigid surface such as concrete or gravel will be considered as misuse and void the warranty.

The seller’s obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing the item at the discretion of 360 Strength. Warranty is for the original purchaser whom must also retain proof of purchase to verify the item was purchased from an authorised 360 Strength dealer. Warranty is valid only for the original owner and is not transferable.

If your 360 Strength bumper plate has a manufacturing fault affecting its structural integrity, please contact our customer service team. Delivery of the faulty item to the place of purchase is at the expense of the owner. Freight is considered a separate service so approved warranty claims will deem the owner as responsible for any freight expenses incurred in returning the faulty item and also for the replacement to be sent.

This warranty does not cover any damage to a product caused by or attributable to freight damage, abuse, misuse, improper or abnormal usage, conjunctive usage with other equipment and applications, repairs or tampering or any commitments made by any external warranty. General wear on aesthetic components are not covered by this warranty and will not affect the performance of the product.

360 Strength can not be held responsible for any damages with respect to financial loss, property loss, installation or removal expenses, loss of enjoyment or usage during repair or replacement periods. If the product is not able to be repaired, 360 Strength will provide a replacement of comparable performance. The replacement product may be of higher, equal or lower selling price due to technological advances or economic change.

This warranty adheres to all Australian Consumer Rights applicable to this product.  If you have any queries or concerns regarding your 360 Strength bumper weight plate purchase please contact your seller.

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