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9kg Slam Ball

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360 Strength Slam / Dead ball 9KG (19.8LB)

Overhead medicine ball slams are great for working the entire body and for releasing some aggression!

The 360 Strength slam balls (also known as dead balls) have been tried and tested to withstand any impact you can throw at them! Covered in durable high density latex with a grain finish for better grip and filled with sand (no extra air required).

Exercises that allow you to utilize the balls full potential include partner back and forth throws, overhead slams, reaction drills, Russian twists, wall throws and doubling as a medicine ball. They can also be included in your basic exercises like lunges and squats – made even more difficult if you’re holding them overhead.


Warning: To prolong the life of the Slam Ball – Please do not slam the ball on the valve side.

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