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28kg Professional Competition Kettlebell


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360 Strength Professional Kettlebell 28KG (62LB)

Fantastic contoured kettlebells cast in a single mould to create a stronger, more reliable handle. With a matte black powder coated finish our kettlebells have a great feel and will hold chalk.  Each kettlebell features a wide secure base so it sits perfectly on the floor and does not wobble. Color coded handles, as per international standards, also allow users to easily identify kettlebells on sight alone.

Size embossed in both KG & LB, available in sizes ranging from 8KG to 40KG in 4KG increments.

Why Professional kettlebells? Traditional kettlebells vary in size according to the increase in weight whereas professional kettlebells are the same size regardless of the weight.

Having professional kettlebells all the same size regardless of weight means that your technique will not change as you increase your weight. Classic kettlebells increase in size as they get heavier, meaning that your technique can change.

Pro Grade Kettlebells have a larger mass in the ball of the bell which gives better ballistic abilities and a more natural movement and rotation throughout exercises. The 360 Strength Professional Kettlebells also have a cut-out in the main body that makes them much more comfortable to use than regular professional kettlebells.


  • Solid-piece construction. Single cast.
  • Same dimensions across all weight increments
  • Handle Diameter: 33mm
  • Distance Between Handles: 123mm
  • Base Diameter: 140mm
  • Height: 282mm
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 1%
  • Four flat areas on each bell for added comfort, stability
  • Clean, black matte finish. Holds chalk
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