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kettlebell teens pack


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Kettlebells are a very popular weight training tool that provide both strength and aerobic benefits. Shaped like cannonballs with a handle, they come in a variety of weights like dumbbells. They can be used to perform most exercises that typically utilize barbells or dumbbells, but offer even more variety because of their construction.

Weight lifters can swing kettlebells and pass them off in ways that even dumbbells don’t allow. The ability to quickly swing kettlebells enables users to raise their heart rate while they do strength training exercises, thereby strengthening their muscles and cardiovascular systems at the same time. The aerobic component burns calories and fat to promote weight loss.

Exercising with kettlebells forces large muscles as well as the smaller stabilizer muscles must work together to control the kettlebell. This leads to improved core strength, muscular endurance, tone, coordination and general strength.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, improve your fitness or get stronger; kettlebell training can help you achieve your overall fitness goals.

This kettlebell is:
– made from cast iron
– covered in hard wearing grey hammertone paint
– has easy lift smooth handle
– features rubber footing / cushion
– embossed weight identification in kilo’s

This package of classic kettlebells includes:

1 by 10kg
1 by 12kg
1 by 16kg

A total of 38kgs


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