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1.5inch Battle Rope 15m (50ft) with Nylon Case


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Battling ropes are one of the toughest upper body workouts you can do. Combining strength and cardio into one intense, effective workout! These battling ropes are made with the highest quality and most durable nylon fibres and sheathed in a durable red nylon casing with sealed ends making it nearly impossible for our ropes to ever come apart.
Why a nylon covering?

  • The nylon covering protects the rope beneath, so it will last longer particularly if the rope is being exposed to the elements with outdoor training
  • The nylon covering prevents the rope from shedding, great if you want to keep your training space clean
  • The nylon covering adds a bit of weight to the power ropes, making your rope training even more challenging

Great for personal trainers, MMA gyms, functional fitness boxes, general fitness gyms, or those looking to mix it up at home. Please come and try our battling ropes for yourself at our Reservoir showroom in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

  • 15m x 1.5inch diameter
  • 12kg weight
  • Durable RED nylon casing