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A foundational aspect of exercise, cardiovascular fitness is essential in maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Walking or running on a treadmill has many benefits, including putting less stress on the body than a flat, hard, outdoor surface. As well as this, treadmills can let you keep track of your heart rate and blood pressure. This can be a particularly efficient feature for people in poor health and need to be monitored, or, conversely, those who are wanting to reach specific fitness goals.

    Easy to use, you can place your treadmill anywhere that suits you – be that indoors, outdoors or anywhere in between. A predictable surface, a treadmill is much easier and safer to navigate than parks, curbs, gutters and roads. This safe surface means that you can decrease your risk of injury when exercising. Moreover, all aspects of the workout can be controlled by the user: speed, incline, warm up and cool down.

    Here at Little Bloke Fitness, we understand that everyone’s exercise needs can differ. Offering a wide range of home, semi-commercial and commercial treadmills that are suitable for all fitness levels, we can guarantee that our treadmills are high quality, affordable and reliable.

    As well as this, we offer interest free purchasing on our entire treadmill range, whether you’re buying for home or for a commercial fitout.

    Not sure which one is for you? Read our blog post on choosing the right treadmill.

    Can’t find the model you’re looking for? Not sure which is right for you? After a package deal? Call us for a chat on (03) 9041 1953.