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Cardio Equipment

Cardio equipment is designed to increase your heart rate, burn fat and improve your overall fitness. Whether you’re an amateur just starting out or a professional body builder, athlete or sports person, our cardio gear will get your blood pumping and your fitness levels up to where you want them to be in no time.

We stock a huge range of treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, spin bikes, air bikes and rowers – enough to meet all fitness equipment and gym requirements.

Can’t find what you’re after? We have access to a huge range of equipment not listed on our website, in all the major brands. Looking for cheaper delivery? Give us a ring on 03 9041 1953 or email us at info@littleblokefitness.com.au to find out more.

Cardio Equipment Categories

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Choosing the right cardio equipment for your individual needs will depend on various factors like your fitness goals, the size of your home or gym space and of course, your budget. Choosing within our large range of treadmills, rowers, elliptical crosstrainers and exercise bikes, recumbent bikes, spin bikes and air bikes can be daunting.

So, if you’re not 100% sure which cardio equipment is right for you, just talk to our friendly team at Little Bloke Fitness. We’ll run you through the products that are available and we can even help you create a custom package that exactly fits your cardio needs. Just give us a call on 03 9041 1953 or drop us an email at info@littleblokefitness.com.au.

Buying online

Purchasing the equipment you want online is easy. You just click on it and select ‘Add to Cart’. You then choose whether you’ll be picking up your purchase from our Reservoir store or having it delivered to your home. Everything on our website is in stock right now, which means we always try to despatch every order within one to two days once payment is approved. And paying for your purchase is even easier, as we provide a range of payment options including credit card, Paypal, bank deposit, cheque and money order.

Buying multiple items?

The great thing about putting a home gym package together is that the more items you buy in a single order, the cheaper the shipping becomes for each item. Rather than ordering and shipping each item separately at full price, we provide you with a bulk shipping estimate at checkout, so you can see just how much you’ll be saving. Of course, not everyone can afford to furnish their home gym in one go and there’s absolutely no obligation to buy until you’re ready, so feel free to stop by and browse any time.