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25kg EZ curl bar package

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The EZ Curl Bar is designed to reduce stress on the forearm and provide a more comfortable grip while focusing on different bicep and tricep areas. It can also be used to target other body areas.

The 25kg EZ Curl Bar bar package with 17.5kg in cast iron weight plates, and a 7.5kg EZ Curl bar allows you to work your muscles from different angles to a standard bar and can reduce the stress that a straight barbell can place on the wrists, elbows and forearms.

This package includes:

  • 28mm diameter EZ Curl bar with SPRING collars
    • Standard size with a 28mm weight shaft each end
    • Length to hold weights – 180mm each end
    • Weight capacity of 150kg
    • Chrome plated
    • 2 spring collars
    • 7.5kg total weight
    • Solid steel.
  • 17.5kg in standard grey hammertone weight plates with a 30mm centre hole diameter
    • 2 by 5kg plates (10kg)
    • 2 by 2.5kg plates (5kg)
    • 2 by 1.25kg plates (2.5kg)
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