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Friday 16th December 2011 – Welcome to Lock-Jaw collars, and Eftpos (finally)


A quick welcome from little bloke to the worlds strongest standard and olympic barbell collars – the Lock-jaw collars. If you’ve never seen them – you’ve not lived. Grab a pair today and you’ll never look back. They’re listed in our barbells section.  And a welcome to EFTPOS – we’ve listened to your feedback and can now offer EFTPOS (credit or debit) onsite. We’ll also have a our online credit card payments going in a few days.

Keep the feedback coming in – we do listen…..

Friday 9th December 2011 – Cages / racks and benches

Can it be December already? And finally our new stock has landed. We’ve added our new range of benches and racks to our listings over the past few days. We’re very excited about them and I hope they were worth the wait….

Friday 27 August 2011 – Cages / racks and benches

We’ve been getting a lot of queries about our racks and benches being sold out and when they will be back in stock (it’s been a while).

Sorry all – they’re still coming – now looking Early October. It’s a whole new range – all designed by us – and subsequently undergone a very in-depth review prior to, during and after manufacture to ensure they’re all up to standard. As I keep saying – while it sux to be still waiting, I’d rather have them late and perfect than on time and dodgy.

Wednesday 27 July 2011 – Our stock range

Quick update – after numerous delays, our shipment of olympic equipment has finaly reached Aust but has been stuck in the docks all week. Should be to us late next week. Keep an eye on our facebook page – we’ll have a few sneaky specials on there in the next week or two as we wait for the next stock….

Wednesday 1 June 2011 – Our stock range

We’ve received a lot of queries about when we will be restocking our range of racks and cages and thought we should address them in one place.

The good news is that we are restocking with a new range of racks and benches. Our new range will be semi-commercial – the squat and power racks wider, taller and heavier, and the benches (a flat bench, bench press and an awesome new FID utility bench) also better – but no huge price increases. This is the first equipment to have been designed by us at little bloke fitness (in conjunction with an engineering team) and we’re pretty excited. This new equipment has been designed by people who use and love gym equipment. There will definitely be a few new things and we’re pretty sure you’ll like them….

The bad news is that they won’t be in stock until around the start of August. Our current range sold out much quicker than we projected and has definately left us high and dry. We are talking to some local suppliers in the meantime and will be able to get some quality racks and benches for you in the interim.

In other news, we are currently waiting on a shipment of olympic equipment to expand our current range. This will include bumper plates, rubber coated plates, EZ curls, dumbbells and barbells with thrust needle bearings (or brass buhses) – the barbells rated up to 1500LB. We’ve also got more EVA flooring (20mm), olympic and standard weight plate racks, kettlebells, virgin rubber medicine balls and more that I simply cannot recall. Due in the next few weeks – watch this space for pre-launch sales….

Finally, thanks again to everyone who has supported the little bloke. In response, we’ve tried to listen to you and your needs and we hope our new range meets your needs….