50kg Olympic Dumbbell & Iron Weights Package

360 Strength SKU: 50KG-OLY-DB-IRON-PACK
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50kg Olympic Dumbbell & Iron Weights Package

50kg Olympic Dumbbell & Iron Weights Package

360 Strength SKU: 50KG-OLY-DB-IRON-PACK
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  • Loadable Olympic Dumbbells (Pair)
    • Nickel Plated
    • 4 Brass bushes
    • Circlip ends
    • Collars included
  • 35kg Olympic Iron Weight Plates

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Product Description

The 360 Strength 50kg Olympic Dumbbell & Iron Weights Package includes a pair of 360 Strength nickel plated olympic loadable dumbbell handles with 4 bushings and double circlip ends, and 35kg of Iron weight plates in our classic deep dish design.

360 Strength Olympic Dumbbell Handles

The 360 Strength Loadable Olympic Dumbbells are a shorter version of our 360 Strength Olympic barbells, offering the same durable nickel plating, 4 brass bushes per handle, 50mm free-rotating sleeves and double circlip ends (so no bolts to come loose). 

Compatible with any of the 360 Strength and 1RM olympic sized weight plates, they offer a cost effective solution for any one looking to add dumbbells to their training.

They come securely packaged in a poly bag, within sturdy cardboard tube, and are supplied with a pair of spring collars, or offer the option to upgrade to nylon locking collars.


  • Handle Weight: 6kg
  • Weight Rating: 700lbs
  • Length: 500mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 30mm
  • Sleeve length: 170mm
  • Sleeve diameter: 49.5 – 50.5mm
  • Shaft material: Spring steel
  • Shaft coating: Nickel Plate
  • Sleeve material: Nickel Plate
  • Knurling: Fine, grippy
  • 4 brass bushes
  • Double circlip end with endcap
  • Supplied as a PAIR, with spring collars

    360 Strength Iron Weight Plates

    The 360 Strength Olympic Iron weight plates are made from cast iron and sealed in a dark grey hammertone paint, with silver painted letters and weight. Who doesn't love the clang of iron plates on a heavy lift.

     Featuring a classic weight plate style, these plates have the weight in KG embossed on one side and are flat on the other side, and are compatible with all 360 Strength Olympic bar and dumbbell handles.

    • Designed for full commercial gym use
    • 51mm diameter hole
    • Tolerance +/- 3%
    • Can be used with all Olympic bars and plate loaded gyms and single station machines.
    • Each plate is kilogram weighted with weight size embossed on on side of the plate
    • One-piece forged construction.

        The included weight plates are:

        • 4 by 5kg plates (20kg)
        • 4 by 2.5kg plates (10kg)
        • 4 by 1.25kg plates (5kg)
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