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Harbinger Padded Cotton Lifting Straps BLACK 21 inch


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The first thing to give out on heavy sets is often your grip.These padded lifting straps from harbinger help you move heavier weight, set new PR's on your pulls, hang pulls, high pulls and other back and trap work.


  • NeoTek™ padding cushions wrists for enhanced comfort
  • Double stitched cotton straps with merrowed end tabs for durability
  • Extended 21.5 inch length and 1.5 inch width for better traction and improved grip
How to use:
  • Thread the end of the strap through the loop so it is sticking out the other end
  • Slide your hand through the strap making sure the loop is on the inside of your wrist (if on your left hand the loop will be pointing to the left and vice versa)
  • Tighten the straps so they are tight around your wrist
  • Wrap the excess material around the bar your lifting or pulling yourself from making sure when gripping the bar, the end is squashed between your hand and the bar
  • And lastly lift heavy!