Rocktape Rock Rub - 400gm


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With ripped hands, you can't train. Beat the blisters from the pull up bar and the calluses from the barbell and pick up Rock Rub.

Rock Rub is a great way to keep your hands stronger and softer, that won't let you down when your WOD's get tough!

This purchase price is for a 400gm tub of Rock Rub.


  • Provides all natural moisture to hands
  • Relieves pain from rips, tears and calluses
  • Speeds recovery to get you back training quicker
  • Also makes a great lube for myofascial release work and massage


Rock Rub is made with the best all-natural ingredients:

  • Australian Beeswax - Yup, the bees that made this wax are from Down Under
  • Canola Oil - A natural oil derived from rapeseed and low in erucic acid
  • Vitamin E - A powerful healing agent to repair your skin while you sleep
  • Patchouli - That flower-child smell from California
  • Lavender - Reduces skin irritation and smells great when you sleep
  • Ylang Ylang - Helps normalize sebum secretion (skin oil) for skin problems


50g (1 months usage) and 400g (3-4 months Usage)