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360 Strength

360 Strength Cable Pulley System - Lower Extension


  • Compact Versatile Low Row / Curl System
  • Extension kit for Upper Cable Pulley System
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Optional handles
  • Rated to 120kg
  • 185cm cable length 

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The 360 Strength Cable Pulley Low Row / Curl system connects to your 306 Strength Upper Cable Pulley System to open up a entirely new range of exercises including seated rows, leg curls, leg extensions, biceps curls, and more. All you need is a low attachment point.

Pair with your existing cable attachments, or add to this system above. 

NOTE: This price is for the cable system extension only - it does not included a weight plate peg. Cable attachments, and the Upper Pulley System must be purchased separately.


  • Compact Versatile Low Row / Curl System
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Suitable for all cable attachments - available separately
  • Rated to 120kg
  • Assembly required