Sled Track Tiles LokDots Glue Dot Coil


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If you're installing our sled track carpet tiles into your space, these LokDot glue dots, combined with the lightweight handheld LokDot applicator are a must have. The best, trouble free way to apply LokDot glue dots to your carpet tiles to ensure maximum adhesion.

LokDots are a pressure sensitive adhesive designed for use with the installation of carpet tiles. They are a non-toxic and odorless system that provides an alternative to wet adhesive, virtually eliminating the issue of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and providing ease and versatility of installation.

They offer easy application (via the lightweight handheld LokDot applicator) and easy removal, leaving no need for scraping or sanding. One coil of LokDots, applied correctly should cover the application of around 45 tiles.