Red Sled Track Tiles (4.46m2 - box 12)


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Create a custom look for your space using these RED commercial, high performance tiles to establish a sled track or an area dedicated to stretching, plyometrics or agility work.

These 61cm low pile square carpet tiles come in a box of 12 and can be laid in any shape to fit your needs. Their simple installation utilises glue dots called LokDots, applied strategically using a custom applicator (both sold separately) to attach the tiles to your floor - firmly enough that they won't dislodge under heavy load, but still allowing them to be removed for reuse with no damage to the underlying floor, or the tiles which is so important for leases, or if you ever want to change your layout.


  • dimensions: 61 x 61 cm | 24 x 24 in
  • aspect: tufted 1/12" | 47.2 per 10cm
  • dye method: 100% solution dyed
  • nominal total pile mass: 610 g/m2

Please note that there are 36 colors available in this range of tiles. Contact us to find a color to suit your branding.

Purchase Guide:

You will need to purchase enough tiles and LokDot coils to cover your installation area, along with an applicator gun to attach the glue dots. (The applicator gun is not essential, but makes the job a lot easier).

To demonstrate: 1 box of 12 tiles covers a 1.83m x 2.44m area (4.46m2) when laid in a 4 x 3 tile grid (double sled track width). Laid in a 2 x 6 tile grid - single sled track width, they cover 1.22m x 3.66m. Each box of tiles requires approximately 1/4 of a coil of LokDot glue dots.

  • EG: To create a 1.22m x 14m single sled track, you'll need 4 boxes of tiles, and 1 coil of glue dots, plus applicator gun.
  • EG: To create a 2.44m x 14m double sled track, you'll need 8 boxes of tiles, and 2 coils of glue dots, plus applicator gun.
  • EG: To create a 10m x 10m activity area, you'll need 24 boxes of tiles, and 7 coils of glue dots, plus applicator gun.