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360 Strength Premium Rubber Change Plates SET


  • Virgin rubber bumper plate
  • 50.4mm diameter center hole
  • Precision calibrated +/- 10grams
  • Low odour
  • Matte finish

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Built for precision and highest durability, our premium quality change plates are the perfect choice for serious lifters. These plates are precision calibrated and are made from 100% natural rubber, over steel.

When athletes are pushing their limits and working toward PRs, every fraction of a kilogram matters. These 360 Strength change plates are designed for this purpose, offering six weight increments from 0.5kg up to 5kg. With a 50.4mm diameter collar opening, these quality plates are compatible with any quality Olympic barbell, and their Green/Yellow/Blue/Red color coding matches the IWF standard-creating a uniform look when loaded.

Each 360 Strength Change Plate has a bold matte finish and a exterior rubber coating for a solid grip on the bar and minimal noise or movement on the lift. Using the column on the right, you can order a pair of plates at any of the available weight increments, or add a complete 25kg set, featuring one pair of each increment.

This price is for TWO 0.5kg, TWO 1kg, TWO 1.5kg, TWO 2kg, TWO 2.5kg and TWO 5kg premium change plates.


  • Collar Opening: 50.4mm
  • Exacting tolerances of +/- 10 grams per plate
  • Low odour
  • Rubber coating for stability and durability
  • Matte finish
  • Virgin Rubber, proprietary rubber additives, steel and zinc over steel inner
  • Sold in pairs or as full 25KG set


The bumpers are treated with a matt finish with bold, flat white lettering. A raised lip around the circumference of the bumper reduces scuffing of the lettering and the inner disk is chrome plated steel.

Plate Details

  • 0.5KG (White): 135mm diameter / 12.5mm thickness
  • 1.0KG (Green): 160mm / 15mm
  • 1.5KG (Yellow): 175mm / 18mm
  • 2.0KG (Blue): 190mm / 19mm
  • 2.5KG (Red): 210mm / 19mm
  • 5.0KG (White): 230mm / 26mm