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1RM Classic Easy Grip Five Cable Attachment Package


  • Back Training Bars
  • High Quality Steel
  • Textured Skin Safe Coating
  • Includes 5 handles in 3 variations

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Our 1RM Premium Easy Grip Cable Attachments help you target hard-to-hit muscles in your back while keeping your wrists in a partial state of flexion to prevent grip failure & forearm fatigue! The textured grip means no slipping and accurate targeting of muscles and the multi-grip design allows for seated rows, lat pull-down, and much more.

The range features eight different grips in three variations; Neutral (palms inward), Pronate (palms facing away) and Supinate (palms facing towards you).


  • Heavy Duty - Full Commercial Rating
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Package includes:
    • Wide Grip Lat Pulldown
    • Medium Grip Lat Pulldown
    • Medium Grip Row
    • Close Grip Pronate
    • Close Grip Supinate