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Harbinger Leather Dip Belt

SKU : HAR2880

  • 6" width tapers for fit and comfort
  • 30″ heavy duty long chain
  • Genuine cowhide leather 
  • Large stainless steel carabiner
  • Stainless steel large D rings

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A dipping belt is an ideal piece of equipment to take your body weighted exercises to the next level. Weighted chin ups or dips are an excellent way to build upper body & core strength and to develop muscle mass. 

The Harbinger Leather Dipping Belt features a contoured design to fit comfortably around your waist, providing the stability needed, combined with the highest grade heavy duty chain. The belt is made from genuine leather with a suede backing, widened to ensure the load is spread evenly, avoiding any unnecessary loading to the lower back.

With an extra long chain, you can also stack as many weights on as you can handle with this own size fits all design.


  • 30″ Heavy duty long chain – Giving you the length needed to carry heavy weighted plates
  • Genuine Leather – Giving the belt a quality feel and longevity
  • Large Stainless steel Carabiner – Making adjustments on the chain links easy and quick
  • Stainless Steel Large D Rings – Supporting the chain and weight
  • Make your workout more demanding
  • Gain muscle mass