360 Strength

360 Strength 2inch Battle Rope 15m (50ft) with Nylon Case

SKU : 360S-BR2

  • 15m x 2inch diameter
  • New steel knurled handle
  • 21kg weight
  • Durable nylon casing

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The 360 Strength 2inch 15m battle rope with nylon case is made with the highest quality and most durable fibres and sheathed in a durable nylon casing, and heat sealed ends. Perfect for providing a muscle-toning, cardio-intensive workout.

Why a nylon covering?

  • The nylon covering protects the rope beneath, so it will last longer particularly if the rope is being exposed to the elements with outdoor training
  • The nylon covering prevents the rope from shedding, great if you want to keep your training space clean
  • The nylon covering adds a bit of weight to the power ropes, making your rope training even more challenging


  • 15m x 1.5inch diameter
  • Heat sealed end
  • 12kg weight
  • Durable nylon casing