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360 Strength

360 Strength LED Interval Timer


  • Aluminium Body
  • Bright LED
  • Loud Beeper
  • Remote Control
  • Wall brackets

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The 360 Strength Interval Timer has an all-aluminium case and is designed to be mounted on a wall with the provided brackets.

Its clear LED display is bright and visible and the timer features a count-up, count-down and stopwatch function, as well as being capable of programming – and remembering – nine separate intervals. That way, you can simply select the interval to suit your workout and go from there. Start, pause and stop are all sounded with a loud beeper.

The Interval Timer is 860mm long, 160mm in height and 40mm deep and requires a 240W power source to drive it.

When not in use, the timer displays a 24-hour clock with a second count. This allows all gym users to run independent sessions without needing control over the clock themselves.


  • Aluminium Body
  • Bright LED
    • Blue indicates mode
    • Red numbers
  • Loud Beeper
  • Includes:
    • Clock display
    • Stop Watch to one hundredth of a second
    • Customisable count up / count down
    • Interval timer
      • Can save up to 9 programs
    • Pre-programmed Tabata mode – 20s work 10s rest 8 rounds
    • Pre-programmed FGB1 mode – 5 mins work 1 min rest 5 rounds
    • Pre-programmed FGB2 mode – 5 mins work 1 min rest 3 rounds
  • Remote Control*
  • Wall brackets
  • Power Cord

Included in the box are:

  • Timer
  • Remote control*
  • Wall brackets
  • Manual
*does not include batteries